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Intergalactic Telecommunication Research

Dream Telepathy project directed by scientist Alan Arqueza. Researching ESP (extra-sensory perception) in consciousness telecommunication. The objective is to communicate with hypothetical decision makers of extraterrestrial spacecrafts to rendezvous above the oceans of San Francisco Bay Area at dawn. Project Triangle Sky.

Project Pasokon925

Electronics development research including electromagnetic sensors using light. Dream research using sleep audio Hemi-Sync The Gateway Experience®. Research in Nikola Tesla dream technologies and The Scole Experiment.

e-mail galaxy1980[at]protonmail[dot]ch
subject IT Research

Dream Wave World

Dream telecommunication research for advanced civilizations from hypothetical star KIC8462852.

Phoenix Lights Triangle Object

Monitor skies using Emotiv EEG at dawn to request 14 kilometer wide triangle spacecraft to hover above ocean in daylight.

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