Yoga Dream Teleportation Awake Meditation (YTM)

2018SEP17 Scientific Research | Alan Arqueza

This month being awake in the dream had not been accomplished. Perhaps the practice of early morning meditation is perfect for being awake for consciousness teleportation in the early quieting hours in the winter season. Time around 5:00am or sidereal time in relation to the galactic center of alignment of the Milkway galaxy.

From a scientific research perpective, if one can reset one's personal existence to null (zero - empty mind) before the moment the memory-of-consciousness teleported into physical existence, one's memory may access visual acuity from the future. Our memories are recorded outside of our physical minds. Think of electromagnetism or the aura of a magnetic field. Perhaps if we practice a reset (empty our linear beliefs of our present time of existence) of our memories to be zero, our research teams may teleport their consciousness to a parallel universe from focused yoga meditation. Believe that our existence is in the future year 8000 with focused intention. Quieting the mind. Advance intelligence from the year 8000 for advanced time travel technologies. Perhaps the process is akin to the dream awake techniques of scientist inventor futurist electrical engineer Nicola Tesla.

Scientific Technique Circulate 3. Practicing awake teleportation (ATM) from focused mind meditation. Listen to breathing. Look at the gray wall (gray background paper). Mantra Sender (whisper): You are not from the year 2018 (quiet 15 seconds). Mantra Sender (whisper): You are drifting above the stratosphere in a triangle aerial spacecraft spanning 16-kilometers wide above our planet Earth at coordinate 3312897630-956820984. Year 8000. Glide toward the city lights and hover above enterance to the library. Mantra Reciever (inner voice): I am in the future year 8000 reading and memorizing advanced time travel technologies. Technologies to open a stargate from time-slips in nature. Recorded voice: Where are you? Wait for the teleportation of the consciousness from the yoga daydream take place. Wait for 15 minute timer wake you from the session. Countdown: 1,2,3 Awake. [Concept by Scientist Alan Arqueza]

I was inspired on the concept of future time travel to the year 3000 from a documented case of a coma experience in the year 1921 of a professor of foreign language. In the year 1921 the coma consciousness of Swiss teacher Paul Amadeus Dienach switched from someone from the future year 3906 AD. The documented event was recorded in the memoires titled Memories from the Future:The Valley of Roses (A.R.E.) . The research network at IANDS (International Association Near Death Studies) summarized the book at a conference. Video at YouTube.

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