Tanabata Star Tracker (IoT) Internet Of Things

2018AUG5 Scientific Electronics Project | Alan Arqueza

What is the Japanese Tanabata festival (たなばた or 七夕) ? I believe it is based on an event of intergalactic travellers. The folklore or myth has been first told in China (206 BC–220 AD). The story of two people separated from distant quadrants of the galaxy rendezvous once every thousands of years from the stars Vega and Altair. Distances that require travelling faster-than-light.

I am learning how to use the WiFi connected PHOTON Particle. The wireless transmitter will record the night sky from a remote location using IFTT or MQTT. I first learned of MQTT from It is a messaging based protocol for embedded telemetry devices. The Adafruit tutorial describes a project using a GPS transponder in the Internet cloud. Ç'est Magnifique! Quite impressive.

If you are interested in contributing to researching the arrival of intergalactic spacecrafts the real-time tracking MADAR at   may interest your research team. It connects to the Internet router. MADAR© III Data Probe Project Multiple Anomaly Detection & Automated Recording©.

Particle Photon Install Over USB from alan arqueza on Vimeo.

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