My First Five Dollar Lottery Winning

2018AUG2 Scientific Electronics Project | Alan Arqueza

I won $5 dollars from the California Lottery three months ago. My colleague commented $5 dollars is not worth much. Too my surprise based on the suggestion of my professor it can be worth billions. The $5 dollar winning lottery ticket can buy micro electronics modules. Scientific electronics for researching ESP or extra-sensory perception and hypothetical time-slips from nature or time travel to a parallel universe.

The myriad of electronic sensors include motion sensors: triple-axis accelerometer (G-forces of +-2g/4g/8g/16g), infrared break beam, tilt-ball switch for motion, and vibration sensor. Other sensors include hall-effect for magnetic fields, rotary encoder, 3x4 matrix keypad, temperature, humidity, photo resistor, luminosity LUX sensor, infrared and ultraviolet, High Dynamic Range, buzzer, microphone.

electronic sensors

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