Memorizing Light Frequency For Teleportation

2018NOV14 Scientific Research | Alan Arqueza

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This morning the real-time CCTV from of Mount Diablo and Catalina Islands gave me an idea about Merlin the wizard and consciousness teleportation. I remembered the video technology of time-shifting from television commercials from Panasonic. The commercial was about the Panasonic VHS video recorder featuring clear real-time fast-rewind, fast-forward, and pause a still-image in video recorded sporting events from the 1980's. The ability to pause, fast-forward and rewind a video sequence of "space-time" from television broadcasted radio signals had been recorded events unto magnetic tape called VHS. This is a form of entropy - the magnitude storage of energy of consciousness information that relates to accurate remote viewing observed by scientists researching psychic remote viewing. Television radio signals propagating in the infinite universe in space, quantum entanglement and space-time, consciousness and teleportation or bilocation, dream telepathy and dream teleportation. From selecting random intervals of recorded electronic images of moments of space-time from Mount Diablo in the CCTV real-time video one may view multiple instances of the time-line. Conciousness teleportation and unidentified aerial phenomenon can be researched from the Internet at and Phoenix PHXCityCam using multiple viewports of different locations and vantage points. The videos from include geolocations across the planet (of North America) from YouTube. Project MERLIN at is the research project for UALP, unidentified aerial light phenomenon. One may begin by clearing the mind to establish teleportation by first erase memories, one's time-line experiences and beliefs of their ego including this present moment when watching the video sequence. Visualize the entire sequence and scene vividly after disconnecting from the world-wide Internet.

The word 'I' representing the self is a constant attention process of the consciousness. One may reset one's consciousness for bilocation by not evoking the words 'I' in writing or the word 'my' or ones name. What is Enochian language?

Memorize the light from the location and specified time in the broadcast. Focus intention to exist at the moment in time and at the desired location for time travel teleportation. Erase memories of your name and of your beliefs of your present moment when watching the video sequence. Memorize the time-sequence for dream teleportation. There is no sound there is only light.

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