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2018AUG12 Scientific Research | Alan Arqueza

The objects presented on this webpage have not been bought by our colleagues. It may be possible the book, brooch and toy figure manifested from a distortion of space-time or a parallel universe. According to the accounts of paranormal research since 19th century Europe objects can manifest from a séance ( the Scole Experiment ). None of our colleagues participated in séances. There have been five paranormal events of objects moving solely without anyone pushing them at the residence beginning in the year 1999 to 2014. The residence was built in the 1980s in Northern California. On one occassion a woman's voice repeating two words had been encountered while monitoring the recording of the sound of the rain using Sennheiser headphones in the afternoon in the year 2012. Unexpectedly the voice was not in the recording.

Our colleague theorized our thoughts may be making objects manifest. These objects appear to be old and none of us have an interest in it. The objects appear to be of the same color styling and design. Note how the theme evokes intergalactic space travel. Apollo 13 spacecraft returning to the Moon, the 1980s desktop computer missing a gem, and the popular Japanese animated cartoon figure of Megaman - a space travelling robot. The event may be similar to the photographic and audio phenomenon of what scientists researched in the year 1972 and believe may be telecommunication from people from a parallel universe experienced by Stella Lansing.

Photo of book The Greatest Adventure, brass brooch of a computer, a toy figure of Megaman

Photo above: Objects of unknown origin from the residence of our colleague. The jewelry box phrase in gold foil reads "Then, Now, Forever". [View image 4608x2592]

I learned about the scientific paranormal research of object manifestation from dream telepathy researcher Stanley Krippner in the interview "The Apports of Amyr Amiden with Stanley Krippner" at New Thinking Allowed by Jeffrey Mishlove at YouTube.

For research information of Stella Lansing:

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