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2018NOV22 Scientific Research | Alan Arqueza

Updated: 20:05pm PDT

On 20 November 2018 richochet an array of 3 tennis balls on a table top toward the corner of a wall. Later a research team juggled the tennis balls at the lounge leaving them randomly on the floor. I found one of the three tennis balls unaccounted for. Searched underneath the office furniture and tables. The unaccounted object did not exist in the laboratory or the lounge. Two days later at around 19:30pm the tennis ball is situated at the location in which I had verified the tennis ball had not existed. How did it reappear at that specific location. Interesting to note I found the tennis ball when I had not been determined to find it. The day I could not find the unaccounted object could have made it 'cloak itself' from my thoughts. It may be possible my thoughts made the object disappear into another location or to nothingness. Or is this location or quadrant tuned to cloaking objects that experience 'conciousness entropy' or evidence of time travel distorting the space-time continuum?

Electronics Research for Pasokon 925 Cloaking: Magnetometer for recording before 19:30pm daily for 30 days.

The following lecture discribes a paranormal phenomenon called disappearing object phenomenon.

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