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Updated Nov 3rd at 9:36am Japan Standard Time

This month I have been listening to the popular music of Dancing Queen in the album ABBA Arrival with the image of the Bell Helicopter. I chose ABBA based on the image that relates to intergalactic space travel. I noticed how artists are tuned to celestial events that appear to relate to future related aerial UFO encounters - George Lucas and the making of the the science fiction space opera movie Star Wars from the year 1977 relates to the arrival of the Phoenix lights mile-wide aerial crafts on the arrival of Hale-Bopp comet in the year 1997. Interesting to know Luke Air Force base in Phoenix, Arizona is similar to the name of Luke Skywalker in the movie. Over 10,000 Arizona citizens reported the mile-wide triangle aerial object and lights.

Perhaps elevator music and background department store shopping music can teleport our consciousness to the future using music from the years 1970s.

CAUTION: Lower volume if using headphones or loud speakers

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