Future Synchronicity Dream No. 1-2018

2018AUG9 Dream Monitor Log | Alan Arqueza

Dream 2018AUG9 a woman in front of me is smiling. Dream location is outside in front of a building, a sunny afternoon with warm hue of sun light. After remembering the dream I decide not to record the dream. I believe most dreams are often random processes of daily routines. After waking up I connect to the Internet to read a scientific related company webpage I am interested in. The company's about page has been updated with new information. I query information outside of the company webpage. The first image I notice is related to information directly related to the dream in which the background subject in the photo is showing an unaffiliated technology research company. The description of the unaffiliated technology company name precisely relates to the technology elements of my dream of the woman.

Could the experience be dream telepathy from the woman to my dream consciousness?

Perhaps the Internet search engine is conscious?

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