Dream Precognition Word Consumer Brands

2018AUG6 Dream Monitor Log | Alan Arqueza

Updated 13:33pm PDT

Experienced precognitive information from a dream on Sunday, 5 August 2018. The word and image from my dream inspired me to query the Internet for validation. The printed name in English in sans-serif font is a Russian weight-loss trendy consumer brand, and the image of the subject and background location is exactly from my dream. The only difference is the person with the consumer product in the dream is myself from my perpective in the dream. How is this possible? I have not read about consumer products from Russia.

The most interesting experience happened from the second dream sequence. I am standing in my study room in daytime and the sensation of the entire room is travelling forward in time, beyond what I intuitively comprehend is faster-than-light in the dream. There is a tactile sensation unlike movement from everyday life compared to the dream.

I do not remember if I listened to Hemi-Sync Access To Information via headphones in the second dream sequence at 5am PDT. Music and audio recordings I listened to while reading data from Internet webpages in the afternoon of Sunday August 5th: Hemi-Sync Access To Information (English audio translation) and 5-hour Brainwave Entrainment from YouTube sleep audio at

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