Welcome to the scientific research of Alan Arqueza of in consciousness telecommunication from visualization using Emotiv EEG for practiced psychic telemetry.

Alan Arqueza studied undergraduate photography and motion pictures at Academy of Art University, San Franciso in California from 1990, 1994-1997. Incompleted education during the Dot Com Era. Studied at Diablo Valley College for Microsoft Networking year 1999 and CISCO Networking year 2000, incompleted. Completed foreign language studies in Japanese I in the year 1999 at Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, California.

Projects for 2018. Scientific interests in consciousness communication and nanotechnology. Researching consciousness psychic manifestation from The Scole Experiment and the Phoenix Lights event from 13 March 1997. Projects include using the Emotiv EEG with binaural audio from the Monroe Institute The Gateway Experience for remote viewing dream telecommunication. Researching dream-consciousness telecommunication, paranormal light phenomenon and remote-viewing in extra-sensory perception.

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Alan Arqueza researching intergalactic dream telecommunication, electronics weather telemetry, potential television communication broadcasts from orbit. LinkedIn alanarqueza

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