1980 YR
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Calendar - Baseball LA Dodgers 1983

1983 LA Dodgers Baseball

Calendar of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team in the year 1983 from radio station broadcast. [View month of August calendar image]

Sale Price: $13,680 USD

Calendar - Ann Taylor Year 1980

1980 Ann Taylor

Used 12 month calendar purchased from Ebay. Dimensions: 28 1/8 by 18 1/8 inches.

Sale Price: $680,000 USD

Octagon Vase made in Japan

Japanese Octagon Vase

Bought in the year circa 1980s from a residential retailer. Design with iris and dragonfly.[View painting detail of iris flower close-up] [Image of signature]. Note: Image resolution from Sony DSC-TX55 camera (2010).

Sale Price: $12,000 USD

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